Estimating the recreational value of Lighvan Chay River uses Contingent Valuation Method

Document Type : Original Article


1 MSc Student in Environmental Science, Faculty of Environment and Energy, Science and Research Campus, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 MSc Student in Environmental planning and management, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Iran,

3 Professor of environment, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran

4 Assistant Professor of Environmental Planning, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Iran

5 MSc on Agricultural Economy, University of Tehran, Iran


According to rising attention of policy makers to economy growth without considering its harmful effects and environmental impact, the nature is being destroyed, and many species are subject to extinct. Beside this carelessness, the lack of awareness of the actual value of the environment would be another factor for ignoring the environmental issues. Hence, controlling and monitoring of the natural landscape, is critical to achieve a healthy planet containing an improved life quality. Economic valuation technique can play a significant role in human well-being towards a sustainable developed system. Economic valuation services can be used to improve the environmental policies for human well-being improvement. The aim of this research is to estimate the recreational value of the Lighvan Chay River with the use of contingent valuation method and Double–Bounded Dichotomous Choice (DDC). The results from 141 questionnaires which were surveyed and completed from by the tourists and visitors, and using estimating Logit model shows that both marital status and length of the visit, dissatisfaction of utilities and the offered bid variables were significant at 101, 21 and 11 respectively. In this paper the average willingness to pay was estimated 8500 Rials ($0.283) per visitor by using Shazam 10. Finally, the recreational annual value was estimated to 795,110,400 Rials, equivalent to US $26503.68 for Lighvan Chay River.