Preparation Of Liquid Fuel From Polypropylene Waste Using Catalytic Pyrolysis

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Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University’s Institute of Petrochemical Engineering, Lonere, Raigad, Maharashtra, India.


Polypropylene waste was use to prepare liquid fuel by catalytic pyrolysis. The process was carried out with batch reactor at temperature in between 300 O C to 4500 C by using Zeolite, Zinc oxide, Alumina silicate catalyst. The results from catalytic degradation shows yield of liquid fuel in between 63 to 70 %. The maximum yield 70% of liquid fuel was obtained by using zeolite catalyst. It was observed that using zeolite catalyst higher yield can be obtained at low temperature as compared to pyrolysis without catalyst. Kinematic viscosity, flash point, freezing point, density, specific gravity were determined as per ASTM standard. Catalytic degradation of polypropylene waste cab be use as an one of the most time and energy saving alternative recycling method for preparation of liquid fuel from polypropylene waste.