Experimental Study of Oil Recovery with SDS

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Quchan branch , Islamic azad university , Quchan , Iran

2 Department of Petroleum Engineering, soran university ,Soran, Kurdistan region, Iraq


In this paper, firstly the effect of nano materials on surfactant adsorption and then, the effect of surfactant injection associate
with nano particles on the enhanced oil recovery is studied. For this, several series of laboratory tests under the temperature and
pressure of 50°F and 2500 Psia is performed. The core which is used in this test is related to one of the Iranian sandstone
reservoirs and the used surfactant in this system is anion sodium dodecyl sulfate surfactant. One of the main elements of success
or failure in enhanced oil recovery with surfactant is the amount of the surfactant lost during the operation. With evaluation and
development of nanotechnology, the scientist discovered that, adding the nano materials to surfactant materials can cause a high
efficiency of them, for instance, a high resistivity against high temperature and their stability. Results show adding the water
wet nano particles leads to a reduction in surfactant adsorption amount on the rock. It is also proved that, with increasing the
nano particles concentration amount, this amount of surfactant adsorption on the rock will reduced in a higher amount and this
reduction in adsorption amount will have a direct effect on oil recovery factor.