Natural Dyeing of Cotton Fabric by Extruded Pelargonidin of Red Onion Skin and Finished it Naturally with Aloe Vera

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Department of Textile Engineering, National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research. Nayarhat, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


According to the opinion of the ecologists, the textile industry is regarded as the most polluting
sector. Almost every single day, various textile industries mostly dyeing factories are ejaculating
different toxic chemicals, dyes and other agents which are very much harmful to our nature and
environment. As a result, the demand for natural dyes has increased abundantly. Natural dyes are
environment friendly. In this project, we used onion outer skins as a potential source of natural
plant dyes. These dyes, which are known as pelargonidin were applied on cotton fabric by the
exhaust method. For proper fixation, drying and curing is carried out in Mini Thermosol Machine.
The dyed sample was evaluated for color fastness to washing, light, rubbing and perspiration. The
fastness properties were satisfactory. Natural plants that are used as antibacterial finishing agent
have a greater market value. As a source of antibacterial finishing agent, aloe vera leaf gel applied
on cotton fabric, which has been using as a medium to support the growth of microorganisms, is
used. The antibacterial finish has been imparted to cotton by the pad-dry-cure method. The aloe
vera treated samples have been tested as per parallel streak method and found very high inhibition
against bacteria.